Membership renewal 2015

Your support as a member and your financial gifts and prayers for the Institute for Christian Studies are vital.  We are grateful for all you have done to help ICS accomplish its important ministry and we look forward to your continued participation.  I invite you to renew your ICS membership for 2015.  It will be your affirmation that you resolve to continue to build on the work we have begun together!

As you consider this renewal request, I invite you to reflect on why you first became a member of ICS.  You may have had a single reason or several – perhaps lining up with one or more of these:

  • to support Christian scholarship in the reformational tradition that witnesses to God’s Word present in all of life and society

  • to ensure that scholars and practitioners have a place to explore the meaning of Christian faith in an expansive learning environment

  • to gain a deeper understanding of the extent of Christ’s sacrificial gift of reconciliation through ICS resources – lectures, conferences, books, etc

  • to ensure there is a place where Christian teachers nurture new Christian teachers who will guide the next generation to live in the light of the gospel

However you may define your motivation to take on ICS membership, you are important co-participants in a movement of Christians who seek, among other things, to overcome the divide between “sacred” things and everything else.  While there are many Christians around the world who would agree with the importance of this endeavour, you should know that your participation in this movement is still crucial.

ICS faces ongoing financial challenges – the financial part of your support will clearly help in that regard.  Together we will strive to fulfill the promise that Christian higher education offers.

I pray that you will see your membership renewal also as a way for you to continue to engage in ICS’s exciting prospects for the future.  With its emphasis on three strategic directions – advancement, partnering and distance education – ICS is enhancing its influence and impact around the world (do you know that ICS graduates serve on every continent?).

“ICS continues to be a vibrant Christian graduate school that provides creative, biblical and thoughtful academic leadership to students and supporters in North America and around the world.”  ICS Strategic Direction 2015

As a member of the ICS Board, I’m privileged to be working with my Board colleagues and the ICS Leadership Team to support ICS’s academic leadership into the future.

I invite you to join us again this year in confirming your commitment to ICS’s future by renewing your 2015 membership today.  To donate online please follow the link  If you prefer to make your gift using a credit card, please call Kathy Lynch at 416-979-2331 or toll free 1-888-326-5347 x 221. Thank you!

With thanks for God’s ongoing blessings, including your generous support in the past,

Aileen Van Ginkel, Co-chair, ICS Board of Trustees

PS:  If you are able to give an extra gift with your membership, it would be a great help to ICS in meeting its mandate.  However, whatever you give in support of this mission is gratefully accepted.  Thank you!